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Things We Do Better

We work in a timely manner throughout complete execution cycle and phases for on time delivery

We deliver the best quality services regardless of the complexity of the requirements.


We act with integrity and sustainably for continuing business growth

We collaborate with vertical textile set-up with all the facilities under one roof

We are native when it comes to sourcing from Pakistan due to local country wide accessibility

We provide creation, design and development support as well as R&D for innovation and newness

We believe in long-term commitment strategy and relationship

We negotiate with vendor partners and quote the most competitive prices

Pakistan Textile Industry

0 th
Largest producer of cotton in the world
0 %
GDP comprises textile output
0 %
Pakistan's export revenues contributed by textile
0 rd
Largest spinning capacity in the world
Spinning units country wide
Ginning units in the country
0 th
Largest exporter of textile commodities in Asia
0 th
Among the top 10 textile exporting countries
0 %
Of the labor force employed in the textile industry
Million acres cultivated area used for cotton farming